Wednesday, 6 February 2013

John Keating - Space Experience (1972)

One of the best of the S2S albums.  In the late 90's EMI released quite a few double CDs of classic Studio 2 albums, this was one of them combining this and Space Experience 2.   I thought it would be nice to post the scratch-free digital version.



  2. Great stuff, I-FE. Thank you!

  3. Thought i'd just mention that the version EMI used for SE on that double disc set was actually the Quadraponic version and not the stereo mix

    Also, for some reason, pre-emphasis was used in mastering it making it sound over bright on players that do not have de-emphasis, which makes that most made withing the last 15 years. This also includes all software players on computers.

    There is a cure, i have a version here that has been accurately corrected, and it sounds miles better.

    If you wish, i can make it available to you for release here.

    Also, i have released the decoded quad version on my blog, to hear it the way it was meant to be heard is pure magic:

  4. Sorry Dickie, not checked here for a while. Thanks for the info. I notice that the CD version goes for a ridiculous amount too, four figures in some cases! Cost me a fiver from Woolies!

  5. Looks like a goodie. Thanks much.

  6. This is really smooth. I'm so diggin' it...